Saturday, March 30, 2013

Heading Home!

We are now sitting in Buenos Aires Airport waiting to head home, drinking our last Quilmes Cerveza for awhile. We had some successes, some failures, some close calls, but nothing short of a memorable time. We have seen the country of Uruguay, hanging out on the beaches with the locals and enjoying the tranquil, slow moving atmosphere of Punta del Diablo. Brazil for a day with a quick border hop. Argentina has been our main transfer station. Then there is Chile... home of the giant rock walls and wild weather, a place with locals that you won't forget and friends that you look forward to seeing.

We have many friends and family to thank for our first international expedition: To my folks and Amy's folks, thank you so much for the support and help! Our bosses Doug, Earlene and Dougie of the Whitney Portal Store- thank you for employing our sorry asses and allowing us to use your "home" the Hostel as base camp. Trango climbing equipment, Elevation, Mammoth Mountaineering Gear Exchange, and Rab for giving us a chance and the tools. Erratic Rock in Puerto Natales for allowing us to loiter around the Hostel when the weather was poor. To Justin and Trisha Hall, Ruth from Holland, Billy the Kid, the House Mother Julie, Big Paulie and his older brother Bill, as well as Rustyn, thank you so much for always making sure we had what we needed, when we needed it, and always leaving us with a smile on our faces... Dirty B. hope to see you around! Pedro the Spaniard, and last but definitely not least, Nico, the local Chilean climber. This guy is as strong as bull and an awesome person. His donation of a rope for our Central Tower Project was huge!!! If you are ever in the Torres look up Nico and friend Thomas, both great guys and friends. We also need to say thank you to the American Alpine Club for the help received with The Mountain Fellowship Grant. And, finally our family of guadalaparques for their support, company, and fresh baked bread!

Here's some photos...

Edit: We have landed! We are home!

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