Monday, March 18, 2013

Central Tower, Torres del Paine Patagonia. Going for a wander and a battle

Well, the wall beat us back on this one. We meandered, wandered and explored the Tower for five great days. We climbed 12 new pitches up the Central Tower at a very moderate grade with great protection. We had 20 days worth of food and 70lbs of water in tow.

At the end of day five we established our High Camp... Camp III, which was about 1,500 feet off of the glacier when the storm hit. For eight days we sat in our six foot by three foot portaledge getting slammed by the weather. We had plenty of time and supplies to wait, but we were slowly loosing the battle. By day twelve of being on the wall we woke and tossed the bags, we could not afford another storm. If caught higher on the wall, we could have a problem.

After gathering our items from under the wall and high-tailing it to our Base Camp, the weather, true to form, changed and laughed at us for five days, while the Tower basked in the sun.
( Amy has the full story written out from when the event was taking place, but we accidentally left it in the tent. We'll post later)

We now have just a few weeks left in the park, so for our last ditch effort we are putting everything into the South Tower. Light and fast with terrible weather... Good time!

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  1. You guys deserve a new portaledge when you get back... You should send out pictures of the ledge to BD, Metolius and Fish - maybe they'll sponsor you...