Friday, May 31, 2013

Back home in the Portal!

Well, we are home sweet home at last! The beautiful, wonderful Eastern Sierra. Working, climbing, hiking, and eating hamburgers at the Whitney Portal. So far we have been playing around on the established lines...including one of our own that we hadn't yet repeated...somber de la Luna. Myles soloed two grade V's, 5.9s in a day, for a total of 33 pitches. I soloed cathedral peak on a whim for my first climbing in tuolume meadows and decided to do it again, I had so much fun. Then, hiked up the north fork for the 1st time this season and soloed the Impala, which is the 1000 ft granite pyramid up from upper boyscout lake...Becky route 5.7, but endless wandering on good granite for all levels of difficulty.
Just updating, so now you know where to find us:)
Slide show for our Patagonia trip will be at the Whitney Portal Hostel June 29th

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