Monday, September 15, 2014

Gripped by Benny!

What do you get when you mix a blond wig, way too much testosterone, a 13 foot painters latter, 3'000ft of fixed rope and a director named Benny?

You get Gripped!

"Greggy... Greggy... Greggy!" the damn walkie talkie chimes in!

Thats Ben, getting a hold of Greg, the camera man, as he supports a $165k camera.

Greg yells cut!

I'm Brett currently, the screen name I'm stunt climbing for... The wig is terrible, as I eat the whipping hair. Amy is Rose, Brett's girlfriend. 

The base line.... Brett n' Rose meet, fall in love, go climbing, Brett takes big fall, Rose...  Inexperience, has to save the day.

"Rolling!".... Greggy yells!

I'am now 10ft above my equipment.... And I have to let go! 

Twenty feet later, I'am dangling at the end of the line. 

Good old Benny.... Chimes in... "Can you do that again?"

So, another twenty foot whipper goes down.

Amy is sunburnt and I'am rattled....that's a rap!

The Movie is called Gripped. Follow it here.

Here is the the team....


This is Ben or Benny the director...aka shit brick-house

Greggy... The man!

Greg again!

The crew... Chris Orozco, Amy Jo, Greggy and Taylor.

Everyone thrashed and beaten.

Taylor... Our medic, rigger and rad dood

A latter...don't ask!

Ah.... The wig!


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