Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ummagumma and Spandex!

Ummagumma and Spandex!

Our buddy Richard Shore decided to stop by for a visit and a quick lap up Ummmagumma.... He just happened to bring the Red, White and Blue with him.

A twenty dollar purchase, which couldn't  be passed up! 

With the air tickling our legs, we felt as if we were moving at warp-speed. With just over 2.5 hours from the bottom to top of this  2'500 ft adventure climb... I was on time for work and Mr. Shore  and I had a perfect tasteof Ummagumma in STYLE!

Richard on the Look-out

Rocks???? Huh?



Last 500ft corner


A solute to Mr. Ben Horn

Back on time For Work!


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