Sunday, May 11, 2014

" Nimbeciles" on the wall!

" Nimbeciles" on the wall!

So we are back at it again! Amy and I have found ourselves stung-out, tired and beaten from new routing. For our first day back at wall life, we knocked out a whopping three pitches, for a grand total of 250 vertical feet of climbing. But,true to form, the route wanders all over making the climbing more like 500ft of actual rock crawling. Just a start so far, with plenty of  adventure to come.  Within the next few days, we will be pushing off with the bivy gear and saying sayonara to the hard ground and helllooo to the whippers... Hopefully not, but sometimes they just happen!

We won't divulge to much yet on where the route is.... Just think, Nimbecile!

Good start Henny and Woodward!

Follow us this coming week to see what happens.

Our buddy Dave Turner gave us a shout, as he flew by in his Blue Parasail.


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