Sunday, April 6, 2014

Alabama Hills Day 2014 LONE PINE CA

Hey Guys!!

So once again, we... The town of Lone Pine are having the Alabama Hills Day on April 12. I, as well as the Alabama Stewardship Group would like you... The Climbers to occupy the rock. With the climbing taking place, I would hope you could join me and BLM officers to pick up garbage and do some trail maintenance.

Bring the Kids and family.... It will be fun! There will be all sort of activities taking place, besides the climbing. From.... Arch walks and talks, flower and bird searching among many more. Also there will be a gathering at the Whitney Portal Hostel to show off the new renovations and to swap stories and meet n' greet people that love the outdoors.
The Stewardship Group sure could use any volunteers... Please contact me through PM if you would like to help the Stewardship Group... Kids it could count towards community service Hours.

Thanks a bunch and we look forward to seeing you out there.

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