Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Heading back in for round two

Hey family and friends, just wanted you know that we are heading back into the park for another month or more. We got the horses loaded with 200lbs of food and a bag full of duct tape and glue to repair our torn up equipment. As always thank for the support. We got a 5 hr trek to our base camp in just a few minutes,then we have to cross a cravase -cesspool of a glacier to retrieve our haul bags to only move them to the next wall. We will be looking at the big one on this trip...The Central Tower. It's a beast of wall, but it sure is a lot better quality then what we were on before. There are two routes we are looking at possibly trying to free, but that all depends on all kinds of things.

Mom we'll be safe and Pops we'll get er done!

Talk to you laters

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